Agate Learning Ventures

Agate Learning Ventures is our space for innovative experiments and non-traditional applications of the online learning model.

What We Do:

We run Agate Publishing Academy, a set of online courses and learning resources designed specifically for publishing professionals and those looking to break into the industry.

We develop educational materials and lesson plans to bring books published by Agate into classrooms nationwide.

And we partner with clients from a wide range of industries outside the education sector, from health and wellness to financial planning, to develop informative and helpful online resources.

Our Projects

Agate Publishing Academy

A set of training courses and live workshops for publishing industry professionals, based on lessons learned from twenty years of experience in the industry.

Microsites and Educational Materials

Microsites and educational materials for Agate Publishing titles such as Crown, Much Ado, and the In Their Own Words series.


Complete Wellness Advocate and Professional Coach Advocate (coming soon): Two online courses and training programs designed to develop healthy long-term habits, produced in partnership with Dr. Frank Ardito.

Other Partnerships

Other partnerships with authors and organizations to develop online courses based on their books, lectures, or philosophies.

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