Continuing Professional Education

We create courses and assessments for continuing education clients. Continuing professional education courses must meet the specifications of both the client and the accrediting body, and our team is able to provide all the elements necessary to do so: instructional design, subject matter expertise, and editorial polish.

Services on these projects include:

project management
instructional design
subject matter expertise
editorial services
writing and reviewing item and unit content

Case study

Course and Assessment Development

We produced more than 100 continuing professional education online courses for students required to complete these courses for credit. These courses’ high-level content areas required our team’s subject matter experts to write and vet the content, and they were also vetted by Agate editors with content-area knowledge. The courses included review and final exam assessments, with questions that mapped to learning objectives and answers that had robust rationales. Using client-provided templates, our team furnished all subject matter expertise, item writing, copyediting, proofreading, and formatting services.