Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work


When implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices and guidelines at your organization, it’s crucial to extend these considerations to all aspects of the company—especially published content. Agate can help your organization express its DEI values by conducting a DEI review of its written materials.

What is a DEI review of content?

Texts do not exist in an ideological vacuum—biases that exist in society at large can appear in texts as well. A Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion review examines language and imagery to identify bias in representation and propose alternatives. We apply DEI best practices and our in-house guidelines to review the treatment of topics such as age, disability, gender, race, and ethnicity. We can also collaborate with you to create organization-specific DEI guidelines.

Why is it important? 

Adopters, end-users, and customers want to see themselves represented in educational content in a balanced, unbiased way, and to see others represented with thought and sensitivity. With close attention to these considerations, you can reach a wider audience and demonstrate to clients, employees, and other readers your commitment to actionable DEI goals. 

What do we offer? 

Agate Development can review your published content to help you ensure DEI best practices are applied. We provide comprehensive reviews of materials such as:

  • Textbooks and ancillaries
  • Assessments
  • eLearning content
  • Course material
  • Children’s books


Samples of Our Work

Example content: Honda is an Asian company and Audi is a German company. 

DEI review suggestion: For balance, maintain parallel levels of specificity, i.e., “Honda is a Japanese company and Audi is a German company.”

Example content: Several departments were accused of helping athletes cheat to improve their GPAs. The African-American studies program, whose chairman is Abdul Franklin, was accused of giving students test answers in advance. An investigation led by the university president’s office is underway. 

DEI review suggestion: Though “several departments” were accused, only the African-American studies department and its chair were named. For balance, perhaps either list all of the accused departments and chairs, or none of them. If this example is kept, also suggest changing “chairman” to “chair” or “chairperson.”


Example content: [All of the photographs in an Introduction to Business textbook chapter show young adults in an office.] 

DEI review suggestion: For balance, perhaps use some images that include older people as well.