Higher Education: Custom Courses

We create a wide variety of custom courses for publishers and universities. These include online, on-ground, and hybrid course development, and can also include overall curriculum design and planning.

Services on these projects include:

project management
curriculum design
subject matter expertise and review
content development
leveraging existing content and ancillaries
instructional design
internal instructional design review
exam, exercise, and activity creation
editorial services

Case studies

Online Course Design

We created more than 20 higher-education full-length online courses for a higher- education publisher. We supplied our own subject matter experts to write and oversee the courses’ content. Our instructional designers created measurable objectives, ensuring that the course content aligned with those outcomes, as well as with the textbooks used for those courses. Our teams also used publishers’ instructional materials to bolster the courses’ content. Subjects covered included paralegal studies, economics, business, criminal justice, human resources, accounting, health care, and communications.

On-Ground Course Design

We produced 150 higher-education courses for a client school. Our team worked with the client’s subject matter experts to design faculty resource guides with lecture outlines, PowerPoint presentations, assignments, discussion questions, projects to be completed over the entire term, and interactive exercises that matched the school’s program outcomes and each course’s learning outcomes. Subjects covered included information technology, accounting, management, economics, math, finance, psychology, and English composition.

Lesson Plan Design

We have designed hundreds of lesson plans for higher-education publishers. These lesson plans were customized to the publishers’ texts and individual schools’ curriculum. Our teams have both provided our own subject matter experts and worked with experts provided by our clients. Subjects covered have included veterinary technology, general education, mobile technology, automotive, health care, finance, management, computers, electronics, and biomedical.